“I had the privilege to hear a couple of Terrance’s motivational speeches. To say the least they were very motivating. These speeches came at a time when the industry was at its very lows in late 2008 and 2009.

He seems to hit the chord to get the audience’s attention while giving the managerial macroview of the decision-making. This was not only very insipiring but it was also educational. During his two 20 minute presentations he had the audience’s spell-bound. After the meeting I walked out a more motivated and better educated employee.

The statement that stuck with me from one of his speeches that I followed with great success was “Being very good will only allow you to play. To be the best you have to be BRILLIANT”

Asha Poojari , MS Industrial Engineer

As an instructor of communication at Louisiana College, who has the opportunity to observe a wide variety of speakers in and out of the classroom, I recognize in Terrance the hallmarks of excellence, as a speaker, leader and person. I am confident that he will serve as a catalyst of effectiveness for your organization or group in whatever capacity you should choose to channel his abilities.

If you have any further questions about Terrance, I would be happy to answer them. Again I am sure you will find Terrance Sookdeo to be of tremendous benefit to your cause.

Scot A. Loyd
Director of Forensics/Instructor of Communications
Louisiana College

“…..I have always found your speeches absolutely fantastic. Your background, energy and unique perspectives are shockingly life changing. You’re handling of meetings and conflict resolution is the “coolest” thing I’ve seen. You always create an opportunity to dramatically shift my habitual patterns of thoughts and leave me with an experience that’s nothing short of miraculous! I would like to personally thank you for giving me renewed energy, enthusiasm and excitement….I look forward to every future conversation with you with great anticipation”…

Garrett A. Sarsfield PHR, MBA, Garrett Sarsfield Consulting

….”Terrance is a dynamic,performance-driven leader who is capable of unifying the diverse members of his team to collectively accomplish monumental goals on a routine basis.”

Donald Perrin, SLS/Coring Manager, Baker Hughes INTEQ

……“As I write this recommendation, I realize that we are in tough times. People are losing jobs everywhere and those who are working are over-worked. News networks focus on ramming negative news most of the time and positivity is at an all time premium. In such times, it’s people like Terrance who bring that glimmer of hope and motivation. Having worked under him and then with him, I realize how much he values people and helps them get to the next level – professionally and emotionally. If you are reading this, know that Terrance is probably one of the first people you need to call if you want to motivate your team or if you need someone to listen to you and help get you to the next level.”

Ananth Srinivasan, Advanced Drilling Systems Manager, Baker Hughes INTEQ

“Terrance is a superb speaker, evaluator, mentor and communicator. . His excitement and detailed approach in everything he does- speaks volumes to why he’s sought out by his own club and by others in District 68. His expertise is noted by his selection to present at our recent District Conference. His presence and willingness to help is utilized by new members and seasoned Toastmasters alike. I would recommend Terrance as a resource for anyone needing a intense, dedicated mentor and speech advisor.”

Dave Reid, PHR, 3,000+ (LION) Invite me, Advanced Communicator – Toastmaster International

“What impresses me most about Terrance is his uncanny ability to invoke thought.  As you listen to Terrance speak, you see things in a different, surprisingly clear, light.  It’s a joy to look at things from a perspective that you otherwise would have never explored.”

Jeremy Kelso, Chef Kelso, LLC

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