Every Company Needs an Identifier and an Eliminator

Being successful today in the business world requires innovation, and one of the biggest problems many companies have is not the lack of ideas.  Rather, it’s managers who are very closed-minded.  Ideas can start anywhere within a company, but if a manager crushes ideas before they can be investigated, validated, and implemented, then the company have a serious problem. The most valuable managers are the ones who take heed of their employees’ ideas (knowing they are an inexhaustible source of creativity) and think about ways to utilize them – this is FlexCellence in action.  In addition to discovering new and better ways to do what your business does best, you’ll also help your employees realize just how important they are to the life of the company and the whole process of creating the future.

Defining the Identifier and the Eliminator

To ensure that every usable idea within your company is utilized appropriately, it’s important that your business have two things: an identifier and an eliminator.  The identifier is the person who is impartial to the situation within the company, but works to make sure that the people who get promoted to management positions earn those positions through hard work, competency, and nothing else.  The identifier points out those who would make great managers based on what they do with ideas that are brought to them.  Choosing a new manager is an extremely important decision that can make or break a company, and it is up to the identifier to ensure that the best possible candidate is selected.

The eliminator is also impartial, but this person focuses on weeding out managers who do not support their employees’ ideas.  The eliminator makes sure that managers are making the most of the ideas that are brought to their attention.  It doesn’t take much to find out who among your management staff is against change at all costs and who honestly wants to make the company better by checking out every idea someone suggests.

You may already have people who act in these two capacities, but if you don’t, then it’s important to discover those who would be perfect for these roles.  Only when you have eyes and ears in your workforce can you figure out who’s actually in their job for the company and who’s in it just for the paycheck.  Employees who are in it just for money will never question the established processes because they think it will prevent them from being promoted.

Qualities of a Great Manager

So what qualities truly make a great manager?  The best managers are looking to innovations because they understand that the world is constantly changing.  They don’t want to just be good.  They want to be the absolute best.  They are also natural leaders, even when they aren’t in management roles.  Other employees naturally want to follow them because they spark change in the workplace, initiating new methods and processes that make the company better.

Great managers also know how to prioritize and cut out what’s important from the “everything else.”  They focus on keeping the main thing the main thing – so they devote their most valuable time resource to the things that matter. This sort of recognition is important because it allows them to easily eliminate distractions.  Future managers are not the sort of people who are happy sitting still.  They always want to learn new skills, and they always seem to know what they’re doing because they take it upon themselves to figure things out, even if they don’t understand them at first.

Future managers seem to have a fourth sense when it comes to business.  They can see things fourth dimensionally rather than three dimensionally, which is how the rest of the world sees them.  Managers have to be able to focus on the details and the big picture.  They have to be able to micromanage, delegate, and see all of the working parts while still honing in on the tiniest piece to make sure that it fits properly.

Employees have no difficulties recognizing when they have a great manager because they love to be around this person.  True managers ask compelling questions that get to the heart of the matter in a way that allows every employee to feel like he or she discovered the answers on their own in a very extraordinary way.  They embrace challenges as the next big opportunity to the company, and they have a charisma that seems to follow them everywhere.  True managers are not phonies, and their personalities are the same at home as they are at work.  That’s powerful consistency. It is this trueness that draws employees to them and that also allows them to be open-minded enough to try out new ideas.

The best managers make every employee feel like a winner because they are excellent motivators.  They create vision with every conversation and compel employees into action, thus pushing the company a little further ahead of the competition every single day.

What more can we say about great managers?  You’ll know one when you see one.  Anyone who has the capability to accept new ways of thinking and look for creative answers to problems has the ability to be an amazing leader.  Innovation is what drives the future of any company, and our managers have got to understand this.  The moment we stop striving for unusual leaders whose minds run against the current, we give in to the ocean and allow it to direct our motion.  Only companies with leaders who are ready to control their own destiny through innovation will make it to tomorrow.

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